ภคินี ดอกไม้งาม

Kambodscha 1970–1993

Gefängniszelle in Tuol Sleng

Gefängniszelle in Tuol Sleng

Fast zweiundvierzig Jahre nach dem 17. April 1975, dem Tag, an dem die Roten Khmer – überwiegend waren es Kindersoldaten unter 18 Jahre – in Phnom Penh einmarschierten und ihre  beispiellose Schreckensherrschaft begannen, die etwa fünfzehn Prozent aller damals in Kambodscha lebenden Menschen das Leben kosten oder Weiter

Water and Border at Preah Vihear

Aerial view of Preah Vihear. Source: វិគីភីឌាភាសាខ្មែរ

Aerial view of Preah Vihear

Hamburg. For those who are interested in Southeast Asian history, there will be a special English language lecture by Friedrich Ackermann, who has been invited by the Hamburger Gesellschaft für Thaiistik (HGT = Hamburg Society for Thai Studies) this coming Tuesday, 21 June, to the Asia-Africa Institute (AAI) of the University of Hamburg.

In the early 1960s, Ackermann had been Weiter

Cambodia Visa in Five Minutes

My today’s Cambodia visa took me a nice two-hours-tour around Bangkok and a record time of five minutes at the embassy to get it pasted into my passport.

My today’s Cambodia visa

Tired of „Visa on arrival“ queues in Cambodia, bogus e-visa sites and paying „processing fees“?

Try old-fashioned visa application instead!

Here is my today’s little tour in order to get an old-fashioned visa for Cambodia in Bangkok:

– 10:50 leaving house. Weiter