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Learning Indian Art in Bangkok

Anita Bose, Bangkok

Anita Bose, Bangkok

Bangkok. She is a Fashion Designer, a Master of Art in Indology and much more, but, above all, Anita Bose is a self taught artist who is enjoying her creative life since more than 20 years and loves to share her experience with others. For some years now, Anita is living in Bangkok where she is known as an artist, as an active member of the Bangkok National Museum Volunteers and  Weiter

Cambodia Visa in Five Minutes

My today’s Cambodia visa took me a nice two-hours-tour around Bangkok and a record time of five minutes at the embassy to get it pasted into my passport.

My today’s Cambodia visa

Tired of „Visa on arrival“ queues in Cambodia, bogus e-visa sites and paying „processing fees“?

Try old-fashioned visa application instead!

Here is my today’s little tour in order to get an old-fashioned visa for Cambodia in Bangkok:

– 10:50 leaving house. Weiter